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Mirela Sula
Founder of Global Woman
Welcome from Mirela Sula

The Global Woman dream has become a reality.

Our dream has always been to build the biggest virtual business platform for women in the world. Our goal is to connect one million women by the end of 2025 and here is an opportunity for you to be a part of that growing community.

The Global Woman Lobby is different to any other social media platforms you may be familiar with. It is a friendly and safe place, the vast majority women, that can showcase their activities, particularly business related.

How can you be a part of this?

  • Join us in the Lobby today
  • Create your profile with a picture of yourself
  • Be active in the Global Woman Lobby and start engaging with others.
  • Post your own shares and insights, which can be text, pictures or videos.
  • Spread the word about the Global Woman Lobby and tell your friends about the benefits.
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About The Lobby

A different way of networking

The Global Woman Lobby is offering you the opportunity to join for only £5 a month or £50 a year, for a limited time at this price. We have created one simple platform where you can network and promote your business in so many different and exciting ways. Join now while it is still only £5 monthly (or £50 annually).

The Global Woman Lobby provides women the opportunity to access many benefits in a very safe place where all our members are verified. We have created one simple platform where you can attend online networking events each month. You can now travel all around the world to attend our Virtual Woman Global events and enjoy connecting with each other in the Lobby.

Note: Men who support the same goals, including women empowerment, are welcome too.

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In the last six years, we have created local communities by travelling and meeting women around the world, starting from London and then Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Vienna, Milan, Frankfurt, Brussels, Bucharest, Johannesburg South Africa, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Singapore, Zurich, Tirana Albania, Kosovo, Cyprus, Accra Ghana, Zurich, Mongolia. New clubs will be launched in 2022.

And now we are aiming to be everywhere with the Lobby, providing a genuine and exclusive alternative to other social media platforms.

We look forward to seeing you inside the platform as a member, joining a true community of kindred souls supporting each other’s growth and success.

Why The Global Woman Lobby?

In these uncertain times what we need is:

  • A marketplace where we can build our business
  • A community where we feel connected, welcomed and included
  • A place where we belong and feel good
  • A Platform where we showcase our skills and build our network
  • A home that allows us to grow and feel safe
  • A family, which gives us, wings to fly and go global
  • A Market place where we can build our business
  • A real global virtual space where we can run our meetings and events.

The good news is that you don't need to get out of the house to join us

The great news is that it is only £5 each month. (Less than 17 pence per day)

Our Amazing Features

Discover the world of The Global Woman Lobby… TODAY!

Build Relationships

Connect with other Global Woman Club Lobby Members from around the world and interact privately with them! Just like other social networks you will be able to see which of your connections (friends) are online and able to chat. What is more special with Global Woman Club Lobby is that you know for sure that this is the right community for you. Once you log in, you will find like-minded women and global leaders from all around the world. This is dedicated to you, a platform lobbying for women empowerment.

Create Your Own Events

You may like the idea of attending many events that we organise almost every day, and if you would like to join a Global Woman Club event they are all free of charge. But you also can create your own event and promote it in the lobby my inviting other members to join you. All you need is complete the template that we have prepared for you and you are ready to go.

Market Place

As more and more women are becoming confident and stand in their power, they are realizing that they have so much to give to the world. The Global Woman Club Lobby is the perfect place for women entrepreneurs and business owners to market their services and their products. We have made it all ready for you and so easy to start.


The Global Woman Club in the Lobby is an incredibly rich source of advice and information for Members to draw on. You will find a wealth of useful and interesting articles on a whole variety of topics, all written by fellow members.

Online Webinars

Online Masterclass with Darren Winter

Online Masterclass with John Lee

How to Create a Multimillion Mindset

Being UNSHAKEABLE In A Crazy World

Online Masterclass with York Zucchi

The Global Woman Club is a breakthrough community

  • Women who are passionate about running their own business however big or small, part time or full time.
  • Women who want to grow in their career and break the glass ceiling in the workplace
  • Women who are looking for a change in their personal or professional life
  • Women who want to inspire and help other women thinking about setting up a new business, change or grow in their journey.
  • This membership platform has been created with you in mind!
This Online Platform welcomes men as well
  • If you know a man who:
  • Believes in gender equality
  • Promotes inclusion and diversity
  • Encourages women empowerment

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